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Greetings from the ATHLETES GEL Team! 

We are praying that everyone is staying safe and still enjoying life during this incredibly strange time in all of our lives. At ATHLETES GEL, we are obviously focused on athletic activity, both indoor and outdoor. No sports on TV is like taking the bottle from a baby for most of us. Indoor activity with others is not really possible. No basketball, swimming, gym classes... it’s a crazy time. 

What can we do???   

Outdoor activity is still encouraged... using social distancing. Walks with friends/family, jogging, even golf (walk with your friends at a distance and leave the pin in) are great ways to get out of the house, get fresh air, and get exercise in a safe environment.

Home Workouts - If you use a personal trainer, most will give you “home” workouts to do or offer online classes. If you don’t have a trainer, ALL 9 EPISODES of the ATHLETES GEL WORKOUT SERIES are now available online here. If you need help or just want to talk, hit us up at


A Personal Note

ATHLETES GEL employees are working from home except yours truly. I continue to make sure that your orders ship the day that they are received. We continue to use the safe handling procedures that I described in my previous blog found here. 

Right now, I am typing this blog for you sitting in my driveway listening to the birds sing and seeing trees starting to bloom. Had to get inspired this morning to converse with all of you. I stopped and started to really think... we all need to be reminded that in spite of how bad everything seems, the sun will still come up, we have to continue to live and be there for each other even if the game has changed for all of us.  We all have it in ourselves to keep pressing on, enjoying friends and family, and making sure we all get through this... together.

Basically, have the mentality of an ELITE ATHLETE. 

Make sure you take a few minutes every day to reset and focus on the positive.  Let someone else think of the negative for a while.  Also, do what you can to support your small businesses.  It not only helps them, but you should feel good that you are helping support your local community.

When you are sore from those walks, home training sessions, chasing the kiddos, golf, gardening, etc., let ATHLETES GEL help you PREPARE. PERFORM. RECOVER.  Like I said, we are here for orders at and can converse with you at or on Facebook and InstagramWe have an exciting new deal online as well that you can checkout in our ATHLETES GEL ONLINE SHOP.

 Again, stay safe, stay healthy (physically and mentally).  Please follow the recommendations of your federal, state and local authorities, including the CDC updates.  And, help a friend/neighbor that is in need. 

Someone once told me the definition of true character is doing the right thing when no one else is watching. Let’s show true character.   


Let the ATHLETES GEL Team know how we can help!

Billy Maichle,


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