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Billy Maichle, CEO for ATHLETES GEL and Hammock Consumer, here.  I have been asked a ton of questions about ATHLETES GEL and how it is shipped, shared with others, etc.  The good news… I’m a Biochemist, so I know how to answer.  The better news… I’ve been in pharmaceuticals, biologics, and some really complicated products in my former jobs, so I know how to keep you safe! 

Safety First

Here is the layout for ATHLETES GEL:

FACILITY - We are a totally self-contained, private operation and our focus is ONLY ATHLETES GEL.

LOCATION - Our shipping and receiving is only done from our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our Shipping/Receiving Room…. it is aseptic (totally clean).  We have no porous surfaces (i.e. wood/cardboard boxes), aside from the outer tube boxes (more on that below!).

    1. The room is on a dedicated air handling system with HEPA filters. It is temperature and humidity controlled and constantly monitored. 
    2. We are an FDA compliant facility and file every quarter with FDA.

      LIMITED ACCESS - Only two people have access to the Shipping/Receiving Room. My CFO (I do need to make money, of course) and me. 

      PERSONNEL - The two of us that can ship use hand sanitizer and masks before we walk into the room.

      SAFETY & SANITATION - We UV light everything, including the outer tube boxes (inside and out) and the outer shipping bags.

        1. UV light has been extensively shown to kill pretty much anything. Our mission at ATHLETES GEL is to bring you a nature-based experience.  I don’t want chemicals on anything. UV works so well.
          OUTER PACKAGING - We can’t control the USPS, UPS, or FEDEX.  So, my suggestion is to open the package and discard the envelope, wash your hands, and then start your ATHLETES GEL experience.

            Even as a start-up company, I can promise you we are light years ahead of our competitors and the leading e-commerce gorilla. We work not only to keep you on court, trail, bike, etc., but to keep you safe. Our procedures are not just in place as a temporary measure against Coronavirus. These are our standard practices to ensure quality and safety every day, always.

            And, as always, I am here for you so call, text or email me with any questions or comments. We are in a bit of strange time right now and it can be scary. No one wants to be sick. I don’t want you to do anything less than PREPARE. PERFORM. RECOVER.



            Remember you can also browse around our site ( to buy or to find more information.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and look up ATHLETES GEL on iTunes to hear our podcast. 


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