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Heavy Lifting: What are Some Facts About Viruses?

You have probably seen our recent ATHLETES GEL blog post on the Coronavirus, the current virus the world is fighting.

We had a discussion with a few awesome healthcare professionals about the Coronavirus in the news (more properly referred to as COVID-19).  Why is it referred to as this? Here we go…

Viruses are sort of like asteroids when it comes to naming. The founder names them or they take on their own identity (SARS, HIV, etc... and movies like Armageddon). Then, all of the professionals start working to stop them. Just a little bit of a playful facts before we get serious.

Historically, there are 2 major concerns with viruses in acute epidemics or pandemics.

  • The virus is incredibly virulent (which means it's aggressive and almost always ends in a bad outcome to the patient). Think: Ebola, Marburg, Korean Hemorrhagic Fever, etc. Death rates exceed 20% even in the best healthcare systems.
  • The virus lays dormant for days, months, or even years (called incubation period). Think: HIV, Shingles, HEP-C, Herpes, and HPV (which is the worse for women with cervical cancer risks by the way)... to name a few.

Viruses (like the flu or the common cold) integrate into our DNA to make us sick.  Most have treatments that are incredibly effective in 2020. For example, HIV and HEP-C are no longer a death wish. We understand more than ever about complicated viruses, like HIV, the strains of the filoviruses (Ebola and Marburg), and even the current COVID-19.

The "take home" is this:

  • When you think you are sick, call your doctor.
  • Drink tons of Gatorade or Pedialyte or something of the like (ATHLETES GEL does not endorse these products, but we think they are great). At worst, lots of fluids will not hurt. 
  • Stay away from others for a few days.
  • Don’t panic. Don’t think the world is over.
  • Be patient, rest and recover. Then, come back to the court, the pitch, the field, the trail, and to work.

Meanwhile, wash your hands with soap and warm water lots of times throughout the day.  Avoid closed in places (including doctors offices and hospitals, unless you need to be there). 

Let’s not make this worse by being out of control. Any questions or concerns, call or email us. Browse our website for more information. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for news.


Stay healthy!


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