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How are you?

Way before I was the CEO at ATHLETES GEL, I worked in psychology and with psychiatrists. One of the most impactful conversations I had went like this:

Doctor: How are you?
Me: Good.
Doctor: No, I mean HOW ARE YOU?
Me: Well...

Too long to go into now, but it was a conversation over lunch that really let him know how I was really feeling.

I’m grateful for that doctor who took his time to listen and give advice. He made my day better and certainly gave me perspective. And, he made me think about how I answer the “how are you” question.

So, how many times have we asked or been asked, "How are you?" The stock answer has always been “Good” or “Okay.”

You know what? It is okay to say, “Not good” or “I’m not in a good place” or to simply ask for help. These are not signs of weakness or vulnerability. Rather, they are courageous conversation-starters and others WILL want to help.

Talk to a family member or a friend. Go for a walk to clear your head. If you think you need more, please talk to your doctor.

We are all in this together... not just dealing with the virus, but as human beings living our lives. We will never all be “just fine” so be there for your family, a friend or a neighbor... and listen!

Also, a huge Happy Memorial Day weekend to all from your ATHLETES GEL Team.

Memorial Day is a time for reflection and appreciation of those that have served our country. We all need to take a few minutes to pay our respects to all of these brave men and women. This year, it certainly has a deeper meaning and includes all of our dedicated healthcare workers.  We cannot appreciate them enough.

And, as you get out and do yard work, exercise, golf, etc... Visit us at for all of your topical pain relief needs. You can follow ATHLETES GEL US on Facebook or Instagram. 

Remember to take care of yourself!

- From your ATHLETES GEL Team

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