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Thank you so much for just looking at Athletes Gel. I’m Billy Maichle, CEO of Hammock Consumer, the company that markets Athletes Gel. I just wanted to take a minute to give you my background. 

I grew up in Wilmington, DE – one of three sons. My mom is a Nurse Practitioner and my father was a second-generation firefighter (my grandfather was a fireman as well as a WWII veteran). I knew from an early age that whatever I was going to do was going to center on helping people. 

I spent lots of hours watching Mom take blood pressures and help hypertensive/dialysis patients doing homework and eating ice chips (for those that have been on dialysis, you know what I mean).  I graduated from some really great schools because Mom sacrificed for me and my two awesome brothers.  I trained at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and at the Comparative Medicine Campus at Wake.  So that’s the early years……

I was lucky enough to meet some great people in the world of clinical research and helped develop drugs such as Abilify, Aczone, MetroGel, Fibricor, and many, many others.

After 2010, I decided to dedicate my life to looking for unique therapies for unmet needs. The first stop was Nautilus Neurosciences. As CEO (and way before that…..  text or email me for that story), we sold and marketed Cambia for acute migraine. It is still a leading treatment (and, in my opinion, the best) for acute migraine attacks. I made many friends there and learned that there is no magic bullet for any kind of pain a patient experiences.

After Nautilus was sold, I spent some time helping my friends launch a US-based business, consulting, learning, and trying to figure out what contribution I could make next.

I stumbled upon Athletes Gel about 6 months ago and won’t look back. It is, by far, the best topical pain product that I have ever tried.

I’m a tennis player, a golfer, and just like to be active. Without question, from a user's perspective, Athletes Gel delivers what is promised. I could bore you with the clinical and pharmacological story behind the products, but you can read that on the website. 

Check out more details on, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and look up Athletes Gel on iTunes to hear our podcast. 

Please communicate with us! Let us know what we can do better at

Without our customers, we are nothing! 
We thank all of you for your business.



Billy Maichle, CEO

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