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Pain Relief

How are you?

It is okay to say, "I'm not okay."

Heavy Lifting: What are Some Facts About Viruses?

A Closer Look at Viruses, Pandemics and a Realistic Approach to Staying Healthy in the Era of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


A Timely Message from Our CEO: Answering Questions About ATHLETES GEL Safety and the Coronavirus

Why Shouldn't I Just Take a Pain Pill?

Why a topical pain relief gel is a great choice over taking a pill for pain


Meet Billy Maichle, CEO of Athletes Gel US (and Hammock Consumer, the company that markets Athletes Gel)

YOU ASKED: I am a runner and struggle with injury. Can Athletes Gel help me?

Athletes Gel's formula can benefit runners of all levels - keeping you on your plan and racing to reach your goals.

Why Athletes Gel is Different than Other Topical Pain Medicine

Discover how Athletes Gel delivers triple-action pain relief: Three FDA-approved active ingredients and more are explained here...
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