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The Lowdown on Disinfecting with UV Light

Greetings from your ATHLETES GEL Team during the seemingly never-ending shutdown. We hope you are safe, healthy, and most importantly, sane! Hopefully, we are on the backside of the pandemic and will be coming out of this stronger than ever.

So, we will never politicize anything here at ATHLETES GEL. There have been a lot of things said about how to protect against COVID-19. Some are totally insane and others are scientifically accurate. One that is very valid: the use of ultraviolet light to sterilize. 

Not to get knee-deep in physics here, but there are many different types of UV light – including that big star in the sky that keeps us warm and our plants blooming.  New studies have been released showing that:

UV light exposure kills coronavirus (and lots of other germs). This is not new science, but new research. 

UV light spans a spectrum of wavelengths from 10-400 nanometers (nm). Basically, it’s a wavelength shorter than we can see, but longer than x-rays.

Sound complicated? It is. But here is the important takeaway. It has been proven to kill coronavirus. The problem? It can also cause disease in humans.  Think sun and skin cancer.

At ATHLETES GEL, we knew that UV light was a chemical-free way to ensure what we ship to you is as sterile as we can possibly make it when it leaves our control. We have been using 254 nm UV light to sterilize the ATHLETES GEL tubes, marketing materials, and packaging since COVID-19 became a pandemic. 

I guarantee that we are the ONLY topical pain relief product to deliver this service to our customers. 

We have a dedicated room in our ATHLETES GEL headquarters for shipping and UV light sterilization. Since UV light at 254 nm can cause skin problems, our team cannot be in the room while the light is on. So, for a few hours a day, we ensure that we have a clean room for your protection.

New technology using 222 nm UV light is coming out. This will not penetrate the skin and is safe for humans. It’s not commercially available yet, but I assure you that ATHLETES GEL will be one of the first to buy it once it is.

As you can see, ATHLETES GEL is always dedicated to deliver the best and safest topical pain relief product on the market – and without chemicals.

To learn more and to order ATHLETES GEL, click here. You can follow ATHLETES GEL US on Facebook or Instagram. Please feel free to contact us at You will get a personal response from our CEO, Billy Maichle.

Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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