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Using HSA or FSA Tax Free Dollars for Over-the-Counter Medications

Hello Folks. 

Last week was another crazy week for the ATHLETES GEL Team, as I’m sure it was for you and your families. We hope everyone is safe and healthy!

This will be a short note as Easter is a time to spend with family. 

We wanted to let you know something VERY important for all of you that have Healthcare Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts. For those of you that are not familiar with these accounts, they are managed by your employer and funded by your pay and are TAX FREE dollars. Prior to the CARES Act that was passed to address the COVID-19 Pandemic, any use of HSA/FSA Funds on over-the-counter medications was only allowed with a physician prescription.  Well... that has changed. 

NOW, you may use HSA/FSA tax free funds to buy ANY over-the-counter medications (and for all of our female followers, any menstrual products).  For those that do not have HSA/FSA accounts, KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS FOR ANY MEDICAL RELATED PURCHASES. They are tax deductible... and we are all looking for ways to save money during this insane time.

ATHLETES GEL qualifies as a valid HSA/FSA purchase, so you may use those funds when you purchase product or keep your receipt.  We always email your order information once it is processed and include a receipt with your order.  Be sure to hold on to it! 

You can place your order here.

As always, YOUR ATHLETES GEL Team is here for you.  Please reach out to us at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Stay safe and always find a way to help a friend/neighbor.


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