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Why Athletes Gel is Different than Other Topical Pain Medicine

Athletes Gel is an organic-based, triple-action pain relief gel specifically formulated to penetrate the skin and bring fast, long-acting pain relief to the painful area.  So why is Athletes Gel so special?  It contains capsaicin, wintergreen oil, and menthol as active ingredients (all of which are FDA approved).  It also contains clove bud oil and arnica - specific, inactive, naturally organic ingredients recognized by FDA as naturopathic ingredients.  Athletes Gel was specifically formulated to harness the synergistic effects of each of these ingredients in one formulation.

So, let’s quickly break down why these are important and unique to Athletes Gel.

FDA-Approved Active Ingredients:

Capsaicin is an extract from a type of chili pepper which naturally gives the formulation a little heat sensation.  We all know that heat helps with pain management (for those who have ever pulled a muscle, you know this well).  In addition to the heat sensation, studies have shown that certain products are more readily absorbed when the skin is warmer.  So, in short, capsaicin acts as an active ingredient and to aid the other ingredients of Athletes Gel penetrate the skin quickly and last a long time.

Quick FactCapsaicin is the active ingredient in the FDA-approved patch, Quetenza, for the treatment of pain after a shingles breakout.

chili pepper

Methyl Salicylate is an organic compound naturally produced by wintergreen plants.  You often hear of it in natural products such as Wintergreen Oil.  Methyl salicylate is recognized as a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID.  Studies have shown it is better absorbed through the skin when the skin is warmer….  So, that’s part of the synergy of the ingredients of Athletes Gel.  It is also the ingredient responsible for the fragrance of Athletes Gel, which is kind of like a root beer smell.

Quick Fact:  Methyl salicylate is used in low concentrations to flavor chewing gum.


Menthol is an organic compound obtained from the wild mint plant.  It is commonly used in topical pain products.  You probably know it also is used in many cold remedies.  Again, nature giving us treatments!  Menthol is used to relieve minor aches and pains, such as muscle cramps, sprains, headaches and similar conditions.  In addition to its pain relief properties, menthol helps the other ingredients penetrate skin….  Another synergistic effect of Athletes Gel!

Quick Fact:  Menthol is used as a muscle relaxant during an endoscopy procedure.


Supporting Natural Ingredients

Arnica is an herb that grows in temperate climates mainly in Siberia and central Europe.  The flowers of the plant are used in topical medicines with some studies showing it helps reduce bruising and stimulates healing.  It is a common ingredient in some naturopathic products.

Quick Fact: The plant that Arnica is derived from is mainly found in Central Europe and only blooms from May – August.

Clove Oil is an oil extracted from the flowering buds of the clove tree which are commonly used as a spice in food.  It contains a chemical called eugenol, which acts as an anesthetic and antibacterial agent. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Quick Fact: The world’s primary producers of Clove Oil are Madagascar and Indonesia.

This ends our journey on why Athletes Gel is unique.  We have scoured the Earth to obtain the perfect, natural ingredients to relieve pain.  No other topical pain product is like Athletes Gel. 

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