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YOU ASKED: I am a runner and struggle with injury. Can Athletes Gel help me?

At Athletes Gel, we get lots of questions from beginners, 5k-ers, 10k-ers and marathoners about how Athletes Gel can help with running. The biggest frustration that we all seem to experience (aside from trying to find the right music playlist) is injury. Shin splints, pulled muscles, and just general soreness often times force us to shelf running and discourages us.  

So, aside from taking it slow and being patient, what can we do to prevent injury?

Shoes Are Key  First, know if you are neutral, an over-pronator or under-pronator.  If you don’t know, find a running retail store near you and get fitted. They typically will watch you run on a treadmill and recommend the perfect shoe. And if that shoe fits, do not change it!

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch  Probably the biggest mistake all of us amateur athletes make is not stretching. It takes time, it is boring, and we don’t feel like we get anything out of it. But, it is crucial for your routine and your success. Warm up with a brisk walk or easy jog. Then, do 15 minutes of stretching. Focus on hamstrings, quads, calf muscles, back, and yes, don’t forget to stretch the feet! There are a ton of great websites that will give you solid stretching exercises.

Have a Plan  Don’t expect to go from couch to 5k overnight or from a 5K to a marathon in 2 weeks. Your body and mind have to build up to varying distances. The running plan is vastly different for each distance you want to achieve. Again, lots of great websites out there with solid training programs. Keep a calendar and abide by it; Follow it and be accountable. Run with a buddy if you need to and commit to keeping the schedule. If running is your alone time, be accountable to yourself. Remember, the definition of being accountable to yourself is doing it when no one else is watching……

Prepare and Recover  And, of course, use Athletes Gel before and/or after your runs. Athletes Gel is formulated to help athletes prepare, perform AND recover.  It’s unique formulation (discussed in our last blog - click here to read) is perfectly suited for runners of all levels. Use it on sore muscles and joints so you can stay on track with your plan and reach your goals.  It will take you to the next level!

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