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Q: What does it smell like?

A: This is such a popular question! Have you ever had root beer barrel candy? AG smells just like it! If you haven’t, you might compare it to a sweet-cinnamon smell. It is NOT an over-powering menthol scent like other topical pain relief products. Our great scent comes from the active ingredients of capsaicin and wintergreen oil.

Q: Is the product greasy?

A: Nobody likes a greasy product. Athletes Gel was engineered to be non-greasy and dries quickly as it is absorbed into your skin. Once Athletes Gel dries, it is largely waterproof and sweat-proof.

Q: When should I apply Athletes Gel?

A: Most people think that you can only apply pain relief gels after a workout or activity. We recommend using Athletes Gel both pre- and post-workout. Applying prior to an activity can help combat inflammation during your workout and minimize the after-workout swelling.

Q: How quickly does it start working?

A: Almost immediately. Athletes Gel has been specifically formulated to provide fast-acting relief. There are numerous studies supporting the fast-acting nature of Athletes Gel. As a rule, the 1.8 oz tube of Athletes Gel should last around 28 days if applied for exercise preparation, performance and recovery.

Q: Where can I use Athletes Gel?

A: Athletes Gel can be used on sore muscles, sore joints, sprains, strains and bruises. As directed, you should avoid getting Athletes Gel in your eyes and always wash your hands after application.

How is it different than other pain products?

A: Athletes Gel is specifically formulated to deliver the active ingredients to the area that needs pain relief. It uses only naturopathic ingredients to deliver deep penetrating, fast and long-acting pain relief. And it is used by hundreds of the world’s most elite athletes and is now available to relieve the pain for the athlete in all of us!

Prepare, perform and recover like an elite athlete

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