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Athletes Gel 2.8oz (80g) & 1.8oz (50g)

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Robert Grieser Jr.
United States United States

Awesome product that truly works!

I have always had some issues with my left knee but just continue to push through while running. I saw an ad for this proud and decided to give it a try. The product works great and has really relieved my knee issues while running. Highly recommend it!!!


Great product

This is the best pain relief gel I've ever used. Highly recommend it

Steph H.
United States United States

Great customer service-Product unfortunately did not work

Unfortunately for me, as great as the product itself was, the odor was just way too strong. I had complaints from people around me that I workout with. That being said, when I reached out to customer service for the returns process, Billy, the CEO reached out to me DIRECTLY to understand what happened. Without question, he apologized and refunded me. I hope there will be a new version in the near future where the scent will dissipate- I would definitely be open to trying it again.


Warm and fuzzy

This product is awesome. And smells pretty good. Definitely lasts for several hours. Thank you so much. And for amazing customer service.

Athletes Gel 2.8oz (80g) & 1.8oz (50g)

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Athletes Gel contains three active all natural highly effective plant-derived ingredients, making it one of the strongest topical gels anywhere in the world. 

Tested on 150+ professional athletes, our topical heat gel is designed for people requiring instant & exceptional results.

It starts working in minutes and lasts for hours, providing the therapeutic support to muscles, tendons and joints. 

  • Fast and Effective Pain Relief
  • Long Lasting
  • Reduces Inflammation Quickly
  • Naturally Based FDA Approved Ingredients
  • Used and Endorsed by Elite Athletes
  • No Animal Testing
  • GMO Free
  • Non-Greasy
  • Great Smell
  • Water & Sweat Proof

If you're serious about recovery & injury prevention, whether it be for sports performance or treating an existing condition, you need to use Athletes Gel.


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    Our Athletes Gel customers are always telling us that this is the best pain relief gel they have ever used. Here are some of the most common questions they get asked. Have your own question, ask us!

    Q: What does it smell like?
    A: This is such a popular question! Have you ever had root beer barrel candy? AG smells just like it! If you haven't, you might compare it to a sweet-cinnamon smell. It is NOT an over-powering menthol scent like other topical pain relief products.  Our great scent comes from the active ingredients of capsaicin, wintergreen oil,  clove oil, and arnica.

    Q: Is the product greasy? 
    A: Nobody likes a greasy product. Athletes Gel was engineered to be non-greasy and dries quickly as it is absorbed into your skin.

    Q: When should I apply Athletes Gel?
    A: Most people think that you can only apply pain relief gels after a workout or activity. We recommend using Athletes Gel both pre- and post-workout. Applying  prior to an activity can help combat inflammation during your workout and minimize the after-workout swelling.  

    Q: How quickly does Athletes Gel start working?
    A.  Almost immediately. Athletes Gel has been specifically formulated to provide fast-acting relief. There are numerous studies supporting the fast acting nature of Athletes Gel. 

    Q: Where can I use Athletes Gel?
    A: Athletes Gel can be used on sore muscles, sore joints, sprains, strains, and bruises. As directed, you should avoid getting Athletes Gel in your eyes and always wash your hands after application.

    Q: How long will a tube of Athletes Gel last? 
    A: You guest it, it depends. Some of our customers use Athletes Gel multiple times per day and others use only sporadically. As a rule, the 1.8 oz tube of Athletes Gel should last around 28 days if applied for exercise preparation, performance, and recovery.

    Q: Is Athletes Gel waterproof?
    A: Once Athletes Gel dries, it is largely waterproof and sweat-proof.

    Q. How is Athletes Gel different than other topical pain products?
    A. Athletes Gel is specifically formulated to deliver the active ingredients to the area that needs pain relief. Athletes Gel uses 3 FDA approved active ingredients, in addition with 2 naturopathic ingredients to deliver deep penetrating, fast and long acting pain relief. Athletes Gel is a plant-derived formulation and is a World Anti-Doping Organization and USA Anti-Doping compliant formulation that is available without a prescription. Athletes Gel is used by hundreds of the world’s most elite athletes and is now available to relieve the pain for the athlete in all of us!

    Clinical Evidence

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    The Earth Science behind Athletes Gel is backed by decades of research performed by some of the world’s leading pain management centers including the Mayo Clinic and the Center for Health Sciences at the Sokora Medical Center in Israel.  Athletes Gel was formulated to quickly penetrate into the tissue, providing fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief.  We know you want to PREPARE. PERFORM. RECOVER.  For more information, please take a look at our clinical research below or contact Hammock Consumer at or by calling 877-323-6999.


    OLEIC Acid: Skin Penetration Study

    Topical Analgesic: Topical Pain Management Study

    Bioavailability: Absorption Study

    Methyl Salicylate: Exercise Study


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