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Athletes Gel 0.7 OZ (20G) Tube

Product image 1Athletes Gel 0.7 OZ (20G) Tube
Product image 2Athletes Gel 0.7 OZ (20G) Tube
Product image 3Athletes Gel 0.7 OZ (20G) Tube
Product image 4Athletes Gel 0.7 OZ (20G) Tube
Product image 5Athletes Gel 0.7 OZ (20G) Tube
Product image 6Athletes Gel 0.7 OZ (20G) Tube

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Athletes Gel uses all-natural ingredients to deliver serious pain relief, fight inflammation, and speed recovery for modern athletes. Now available in the US, Athletes Gel was developed in conjunction with some of the planet's best athletes in Melborne, Australia. ORDER TODAY!



  • Fast and Effective Pain Relief
  • Long Lasting
  • Naturally Based, FDA Approved Ingredients
  • Used and Endorsed by Elite Athletes
  • No Animal Testing, GMO Free
  • Available in Three Sizes: 20G / 50G / 80G


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Our Athletes Gel customers are always telling us that this is the best pain relief gel they have ever used. Here are some of the most common questions they get asked. Have your own question, ask us!

Q: What does it smell like?
A: This is such a popular question! Have you ever had root beer barrel candy? AG smells just like it! If you haven't, you might compare it to a sweet-cinnamon smell. It is NOT an over-powering menthol scent like other topical pain relief products.  Our great scent comes from the active ingredients of capsaicin, wintergreen oil,  clove oil, and arnica.

Q: Is the product greasy? 
A: Nobody likes a greasy product. Athletes Gel was engineered to be non-greasy and dries quickly as it is absorbed into your skin.

Q: When should I apply Athletes Gel?
A: Most people think that you can only apply pain relief gels after a workout or activity. We recommend using Athletes Gel both pre- and post-workout. Applying  prior to an activity can help combat inflammation during your workout and minimize the after-workout swelling.  

Q: How quickly does Athletes Gel start working?
A.  Almost immediately. Athletes Gel has been specifically formulated to provide fast-acting relief. There are numerous studies supporting the fast acting nature of Athletes Gel. 

Q: Where can I use Athletes Gel?
A: Athletes Gel can be used on sore muscles, sore joints, sprains, strains, and bruises. As directed, you should avoid getting Athletes Gel in your eyes and always wash your hands after application.

Q: How long will a tube of Athletes Gel last? 
A: You guest it, it depends. Some of our customers use Athletes Gel multiple times per day and others use only sporadically. As a rule, the 1.8 oz tube of Athletes Gel should last around 28 days if applied for exercise preparation, performance, and recovery.

Q: Is Athletes Gel waterproof?
A: Once Athletes Gel dries, it is largely waterproof and sweat-proof.

Q. How is Athletes Gel different than other topical pain products?
A. Athletes Gel is specifically formulated to deliver the active ingredients to the area that needs pain relief. Athletes Gel uses 3 FDA approved active ingredients to deliver deep penetrating, fast and long acting pain relief. Athletes Gel is a plant-derived formulation and is a World Doping Organization and USA Anti-Doping compliant formulation that is available without a prescription. Athletes Gel is used by hundreds of the world’s most elite athletes and is now available to relieve the pain for the athlete in all of us!

Clinical Evidence

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The Earth Science behind Athletes Gel is backed by decades of research performed by some of the world’s leading pain management centers including the Mayo Clinic and the Center for Health Sciences at the Sokora Medical Center in Israel.  Athletes Gel was formulated to quickly penetrate into the tissue, providing fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief.  We know you want to PREPARE. PERFORM. RECOVER.  For more information, please take a look at our clinical research below or contact Hammock Consumer at or by calling 877-323-6999.


OLEIC Acid: Skin Penetration Study

Topical Analgesic: Topical Pain Management Study

Bioavailability: Absorption Study

Methyl Salicylate: Exercise Study


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Greg W.

Used prior to rec hockey

I applied before playing hockey to help with a sore lower back and after I finished playing I had no lower back pain at all...fantastic results!

Kayla M.

Look no further!

I am a health and fitness coach so this has me working out 6 to 7 days a week. I tend to deal with shin splints, ankle joint pain and carpal tunnel in the wrists a lot. I have tried out so many different gels I was beginning to lose hope, that is until I tried athletes Gel. This product is AMAZING! I put it on prior to my workout and again after, the pain and inflammation factor has dropped drastically allowing me to push myself closer to my goals. Also the fact that it smells like a spearmint lifesaver (candy) is definitely an added bonus!


Runner's Knee Saver

Ran my first 10K this past weekend and used Athletes Gel both pre- and post-race. Have bad knees to start so was hoping for a miracle. The gel worked really well. I definitely had less pain after the race. Recommend using it both before and after activity as I did. Will definitely use again. Nice to have a new product on the market.

Chris S.

Tried them all... this one's the best!

As someone that plays competitive basketball 5 times a week, this product is a godsend. After trying all of the other terrible smelling pain relief gels, Athlete's Gel has provided me by far, the best relief to help with the soreness from sports. I apply pre work out which instantly starts to warm up the muscles to help to allow the stretching process to begin. I highly recommend trying Athlete's Gel to truly relieve all of the pains associated with the passion of playing sports. Outstanding product!

Robbie A.

Best Product on the Market!

Have a friend who introduced me to the product recently. He uses it daily for his gym workouts & swears by it. Having used many different "Over the Counter" creams and gels in the past was more than a bit skeptical. Those other products just didn't seem to work as described. But can absolutely say that this is "By Far" the best product on the market for effective relief of sore muscles and aching joints. Was amazed at the fast acting relief and the lasting effect of this gel. Can still feel it working, along with it's soothing warmth, long after activity is over. Big Fan!


Great product!

Love athletes gel it is such a great product for sore muscles and the price is great! Highly recommend for any type of muscle or joint pain!

Michael K.

Simply it work’s

I’m 53 years old. I play at least 100 rounds of golf a year. Somethings always bothering me in the last 2 years my back or Elbow, knees, muscle soreness. In my opinion Athletic Gel is the best product by far that’s on the market. It allows me to do what I love to do. Simply it works


Great product

I am dealing with a wrist injury right now and Athletes Gel is providing me outstanding relief and allowing me to keep playing golf. Very happy with the product and will continue using with other joint pain I have!


Outstanding Product

As someone who was always active in competitive sports ( rugby, basketball, football, and training) but is now starting to get older, the aches and pains are becoming more noticeable. Athletes Gel allows me to recover faster and work through the aches and pains by not noticing them. Highly recommend the product for those still involved in competitive sport, to the weekend warriors, to those just getting back into it. Works great!

Thomas D.

Great Product

I use this product just before I start training, Athletes gel give me the joint comfort I need to push through my leg day workouts! I have had 3 ACL Reconstructions on the same knee and this product has really help me make it to the next workout! Thanks Athletes Gel

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